BROKENHEARTED (a romantic drama with anti-rom-com sentiment)

*2017 Austin Film Festival Drama Screenplay WINNER & Enderby Entertainment Award Semifinalist* *2017 PAGE Quarterfinalist* *Reader Endorsed on The Black List* *Talentville Script of the Month Gold Medal: March 2017* In a misguided attempt to mend her broken heart, a lovelorn twentysomething decides to pursue a casual, no-emotions-attached fling with a womanizing stranger from Tinder. Inspired by the Vanity Fair article “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse,’” Brokenhearted takes a familiar premise, one seen in romantic comedies like Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached, and flips convention on its head in a dramatic, seething exploration of modern-day dating, love, and heartbreak. Tonally reminiscent of 2004’s Closer, Brokenhearted tackles the superficiality of 21st century hook-up culture with casual sex merely a click, swipe, or text away, and romantic love and intimacy nowhere to be found. 106 pages

Bush League (an ensemble rom-com-dram with a sports twist)

*Second Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Comedy Contest Finalist* *Talentville Script of the Month Bronze Medal: February 2017Bush League tells the intertwined stories of Metro Detroit-based friends and lovers, all slow-to-mature millennials on a co-ed, slow-pitch softball team, as they attempt to emerge victorious from their last season as a team, come to grips with their waning adolescence, and finally realize that stakes are higher off the field than on it. 113 pages

A Different Kind of Love (a romantic drama)

*Received 8’s for Character & Dialogue on The Black List* After enduring life-altering tragedies, two former loves rekindle a complicated and fractured relationship as they struggle to find happiness once more. 99 pages

The Fall (an ensemble drama)

*2014 BlueCat Screenplay Contest Semifinalist* Following a tragic accident, a group of beautiful, tight-knit twentysomethings welcomes a newcomer into their idyllic world, but secrets, sex, jealousy, and resentment slowly begin to erode their fairytale-like existence and unravel a web of denial. 109 pages

Waking Up With Boys (a romantic comedy)

*Talentville Script of the Month Silver Medal: November 2016* Twentysomething KATE STANTON has a knack for recognizing the problems in everyone’s love lives except for her own. 99 pages

Everything Washed Away (a mystery crime drama)

An estranged eldest son returns home to his alcoholic father and two brothers after their seventeen-year-old sister mysteriously vanishes. The youngest son’s best friend is implicated in her disappearance, but a dead end investigation leaves everyone struggling to find closure when nobody knows the truth. 99 pages