Caroline graduated cum laude from Michigan State University in 2007 where she received a B.A. in English with a Secondary Education focus. Following graduation, she  completed a year-long student teaching internship at North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan in order to receive her teaching certificate.

In 2008, Caroline moved to Bakersfield, California to work for the Kern High School District and become a faculty member of the newly built Mira Monte High School. At the new school, she developed and created curriculum at the ninth and eleventh grade levels for English Language Arts, and she served as a PLC (professional learning community) leader responsible for facilitating weekly collaborative meetings with colleagues.

Caroline has nine years of classroom experience, and she was responsible for starting the swim program at Mira Monte High School in spring 2011. She has seven years of head coaching experience with the varsity swim team. The varsity boys team won a league championship in 2015.

Caroline recently moved to Sacramento, California to teach and coach at Foothill High.

Caroline has stepped away from the classroom for year-long sabbaticals on two separate occasions. During this time, she focused on writing and building up a body of screenwriting work. As the URL and title of this blog suggests, she loves film. She has seen many of them and written a few. None of them have been put into production. Yet.

As a writer of mostly lower budget, indie-minded, character-driven screenplays,  dynamic and well-rounded female characters often serve as Caroline’s protagonists, though she tries to construct strong characters and strong relationships in all of her stories. Caroline’s screenwriting strengths include world building and character development. Her dialogue often receives praise for its restrained, naturalistic quality. It is Caroline’s firm belief that women, not men, drive the box office in the 21st century, but she strives to create stories that have universal thematic appeal. As great and successful as some franchises and remakes have been, Caroline believes audiences still long for unique, never-before-seen stories that are equal parts fresh and familiar.

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